tinidazole over the counter Terms and Conditions

1. Every user has the right to publish adverts by using the form in the “OFFER” section. No registration in the website is needed for individual adverts.

2. Every user has the right and ability to manipulate (edit, delete) his/her advert by using the unique “Access Code” he/she is given after publishing adverts.

3. The validity period of an individual’s advert determines the time (60days) for which the advert will be active. When the advert expired it is automatically deleted from the system and can not be recovered.

4. Every user, regardless whether he/she is registered as member of Cyauto.com, is restricted to upload, place, send, distribute, or use in any way the following:

• Any copyrighted data such as text, sound, software, music, pictures, graphics or video.
• Information concerning other people’s privacy
• Information regarding other companies or individuals
• Company trademarks, logos or names.
• Pornography content of any kind
• Any materials that break the norms and moral beliefs.
• Religious materials
• Materials that violate human rights or human freedom.
• Materials representing trade or corporate confidential information of a third party
• Materials aimed to stop, slow down, violate or limit the normal function of computer hardware, software or any telecommunication device.
• Unauthorized access to accounts, other people’s resources or software.

5. “Cyauto.com” does not guarantee that the services provided will be constant or secured. The usage of those services by the user is only at the user’s risk. “Cyauto.com” is not required to satisfy particular or specific need or requirement of the user. “Cyauto.com” does not guarantee for the correctness and truthfulness of the information obtained by the services.

6. “Cyauto.com” is not responsible for damages caused to software, hardware or telecommunication equipment of the user or third party. “Netum Ltd” is not responsible for the loss of any information, materials or resources. Advices help, or assistance provided by the personnel of “Cyauto.com” does not bare any responsibilities or duties.

7. “Cyauto.com” has the right to change the current terms and conditions. When such changes are made “Cyauto.com” is required to inform the users.